The Creator


Mai tona manawanui me tona matauranga tino nui o te o otaota tuuturu: ka tukuna a Malcolm tana tohutohutanga ki tona whanau, whanui. Kia mou atu a ratou te oranga, te awhitianga me te tiakitanga mai o ratou po katoa. Ma ta kai whakatautika, whakakori tinana me te awhinatanga o nga otaota. Kia tu tika ai a ratou ki runga I te kino e paa ana ki o ratou wairua i o ratou tinana.

Master of Herbology, Tohunga Rongoa, natural health consultant, manufacturer, tutor and author began his study of herbalism in 1978 due to a serious illness, from which, through his own efforts using herbs, fully recovered.

In 1983 Malcolm acquired the Diploma in Herbal studies and in the same year received the Certificate in Iridology through the teachings of Dr Maurice Archer N.D. student and protégé of renowned Iridologist, Dr Bernard Jensen.

In 1985 Malcolm earned his Master of Herbology Degree in Advanced Herbal Medicine with Honours from the Emerson College of Herbology, Quebec, Canada.

After eleven years of running his Herbal Healing clinic in Avondale, Auckland, the experience enabled him to develop a unique range of over 83 herbal remedies and cosmetic products, which were sold throughout the natural health retail market, which today have become increasingly popular throughout New Zealand. The company Harker products is now in other good hands.

In 1999, Malcolm was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the New Zealand Natural Health industry and in the same year published his book “Health & Healing, now in its’ 4th edition. He maintained a busy and active consultation service and together with Allan Ryan C.N.H. produced the herbal courses as their devotion to continuing the knowledge, work and art of traditional herbalism into the future. 

Malcolm Harker passed away peacefully in December 2017 and his legacy lives on through his courses tutored by his protege of 27 years, Allan Ryan.