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Dr Janice-Ann Priest

Kn. NC. Dip Herb. Cert Reflexology. HbT. D.Sc.
Chartered Natural Health Practitioner. SNTR.

Dr Priest, as a natural health consultant, author and lecturer with over 40 years in the trade, is well versed in many areas of natural and nutritional healthcare.

A lecturer and practitioner in most natural health modalities, such as nutrition, herbalism, homobotanicals, reflexology, iridology, homeopathy and many holistic subjects. Clairvoyant, business women of the year in 1995, Janice originally trained as a children’s nurse before qualifying as a naturopath with the vision to retain natural health treatments in an era of drugs and medical treatments that have dramatically increased side-effects, deaths and pollution in the world.

Author of several health books, magazines and booklets, The popular reference book ‘Can You Remember What To Take’ and ‘Our Health At Risk’, a history and data book of the New Zealand health system. Additionally a video on ‘Stress Management’ and numerous resource booklets. In 1985 Dr Priest developed the well established natural health magazine Healthy Options followed by a holistic, body, mind spirit magazine Rainbow News. Both of which are available in New Zealand and overseas. Then in 2007 launched Healthnews, an A5 magazine – per subject issue. All under her company Healthy Options Ltd.

Additional to her publishing company Dr Priest has a well established education resources training centre company, Herbal Ltd, registered in 1987, providing certificated correspondence healthcare courses for those beginning their journey into natural health.

Dr Priest has spoken at many major events such as the International Women’s Health Congress, worked in hospital environments such as the Hoxsey Clinic, Mexico. She has a Healthy Options Charitable Trust which launched the first Alternative Cancer Congress in 1996, as well as the infamous “Te Ora’ document, to protect flora and fauna from patenting proposals, in 2005.

Granted a Hon Doctorate in 2001 for her community work and encompassed a Doctorate in Religious education in 2003. Dr Priest has spent many years involved in political movements to help maintain health choices for the public. From the successful Nuclear free stand to the present day NZ rejection of the draconion Trans-Tasman Harmonisation international trade proposal with drug regulators. Janice stands by the principal of sound natural health, self-care opportunities and environmental issues for a healthy community and planet.

She is a past committee member Citizens for Health Choices, NNFA, International Products Assn and NZ Herb Federation.