The Director

Dr. Janice-Ann Priest

Kn., N.C., Dip. Herb, CNHP, D.Sc.

Chartered Natural Health Practitioner

Dr. Janice-Ann Priest, is a natural health consultant, author, publisher and lecturer, with over 40 years experience in the field and is well versed in many areas of holistic health and education from nutrition, herbalism, homoeopathy, chinese diagnosis to hair analysis systems. Janice has 28 years in publishing health information under her belt, has authored several books such as the popular ‘Can You Remember What To Take’, and along with her international publishing company, Healthy Options Ltd has printed the ‘Healthy Options’ magazine and mind, body and spirit magazine ‘Rainbownews’, as well as quarterly ‘Healthnews’ booklets.

Some of her achievements are as follows:

• 1995 – Women in Business Award

• 1996 – Launched New Zealand’s first international Alternative Cancer Congress

• 2001 – Lifetime Achievement award by the Charter of Natural Health Practitioners and was granted an Honorary doctorate by Associate Minister of Australian MP for Health for her community work that same year

• 2003 – Gained her Doctorate in Religious Studies so she could literally be called a Priest

• 2005 – Granted ‘Earth Mother’ status by the International Marae Association

• 2005 – Her Healthy Options Charitable Trust wrote the infamous ‘Te Ora’ document for the Labour Government to protect flora and fauna from trade patenting processes, all the while lobbying for twelve years on industry committees to fiercely protect sovereignty rights over the right to choose ones own form of health treatment and remedies

• 2011 – Contracted to run a health programme for a local Marae sponsored by the Maori Trust board, all the while managing her Herbal Education Resources Centre, clinic and educational facility under her company Herbal Ltd., which was established in 1987 to provide cost effective Correspondence Courses for those interested in natural health and herbalism.