Master Traditional Herbology Degree



Tutor, Allan Ryan M.H.D

An advanced Herbology thesis detailing the chemistry of disease and medicinal herbs, illuminating why they heal, giving in-depth data on use, plus hundreds of original formulae for everything from pimples to growths. It delves into ancient and modern texts relevant to the history, modern usage and the chemistry of disease and medicinal herbs. An elevated thesis bestowing the title Master of Herbology (M.H.D).

  • Correspondence – Study at your own leisure. Expected completion time 6 – 12 months
  • Offers over 230 original Malcolm Harker Herbal formulae
  • Takes the student to a higher understanding of Herbs
  • Imparts the therapeutic properties and administration of over 90 herbs ad 32 pure essential oils
  • Honours students with the title ‘Master of Herbology’

Course Contents:

  • Herbs in medicine before Jesus Christ
  • Inorganic Kingdom vs. Organic Kingdom
  • Chemistry of herbs
  • Preparation Methods
  • Extraction of medicinal principles from herbs
  • The Bipharsic Response – Strength and dosage of herbs
  • Basic Life Elements
  • The folly of prescribing calcium supplements
  • Alternatives: Herbs used to modify cell nutrition to help defeat dyscracia
  • Anticarcinogentic herbs in history
  • Review of some natural cancer treatments
  • Anti-catarrhal herbs: Herbs that reduce systemic mucus
  • Antispasmodics: Nervines and Anodynes
  • Cardiac herbs
  • Demulcents: Herbs that relieve inflammation & irritation
  • The Healing Ocean
  • Diaphoretics: Herbs that produce copious sweating
  • Diuretics: Herbs which increase the secretion of urine
  • The Adrenal Glands: Herbs to assist functions
  • Carminatives: Herbs that expel systemic gas
  • Laxative, Purgatives & Vermicides
  • Lilies and Chlorine
  • Overweight, gout, pus diseases
  • Sulphur: The greatest antiseptic known
  • Healing Herbs – How toxic are they?
  • Astringent Healing Herbs
  • Diagnosis
  • Essential Oils in medicinal history
  • How safe are essential oils to take internally?
  • Cold-pressed and steam distilled plant oils
  • The Four Thieves Oil… and much more

Our correspondence courses are delivered in one complete study package to your door, in a textbook format which is yours to keep after you have completed your course. The Masters course arrives in two parts and there are no online requirements.

NB. To enrol in this course you must have successfully completed the compulsory perquisites of the Primary and Senior Diploma courses.
NB. Prices in NZD. $12 shipping within NZ. For shipping outside of NZ, please enquire first for postage pricing.

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