Preliminary Traditional Herbal Certificate


Tutor, Allan Ryan M.H.D

  • Basic Correspondence course, enrolment at any time
  • Bestows you the title of ‘Herbal Consultant’
  • Includes booklet on herb identification
  • Expected completion time approximately 2 to 3 months
  • Study at your own leisure.
  • Introduces you to the wonderful and rewarding world of Herbal healing
  • Includes dozens of traditional herbal remedy recipes


  • What is Natural Health?
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • What are Herbs?
  • Common Herbs and their uses
  • Traditional & Folklore Herbal Remedy Recipes
  • Other practical uses

Our correspondence courses are delivered in one complete study package to your door, in a textbook format which is yours to keep after you have completed your course. There are no online requirements.

NB. This course is a compulsory prerequisite to the Senior Diploma.
NB. Prices in NZD. $12 shipping within NZ. For shipping outside of NZ, please enquire first for postage pricing.

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