Ocean of Drugs – demise of healthy options


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The book Ocean of Drugs calls Aotearoa. With NZ’s track record of environmental action and our unique culture it is time for further action. Throw in a little history, human stories, international dramas and statistics, on how corporate science got it wrong and you’ll be riveted to the story behind the drugging of our world.

Our world is in an unprecedented public health crisis and the pharmaceutical industry has played a major role in that development. Quadrupling prescription levels, increasing drug addiction, more and more deaths by properly prescribed medication and rising chronic health disorders. Medicinal marijuana still politically squashed, while the properly prescribed, costly opioid drugs create debilitating side effects that ACC doesn’t cover – has all become a twenty-first Century epidemic that is polluting our oceans. It is time for change. Integration with the natural health industry and modern technology has the answers.

Dr Janice Ann Priest – founding editor of Healthy Options and Rainbow News magazines