Senior Traditional Herbal Diploma


Please Note: The Preliminary Certificate in herbal medicine qualification is required to commence this course.

Tutor, Allan Ryan M.H.D

NZ Traditional Herbal Medicine Senior Course of study is unlike any other course in Herbal Medicine that has gone before, not only because most of the formulations are Malcolm Harker’s original creations, but also because of archaic information not found in any other course of herbal instruction available in New Zealand today.

This thesis does not consist solely of folklore, nor is it just a repeat of what has been taught elsewhere. The course includes the latest data and research on herbal properties along with archaic information and Malcolm Harker’s own observations from over thirty years of herbal research, formulating, administering and manufacturing of herbals.

Offers enrolment at any time. Correspondence only.  Study at your own leisure. General timeframe guideline approximately 5-6 months. Opens the door to a rewarding lifetime of healing with herbs and Nature. Gives over 90 original Malcolm Harker Herbal formulae. Teaches the properties, use and administration of herbs. Bestows the title ‘Senior Traditional Herbalist’


Division One:

  • The Mythology of Herbs
  • Doctrine of Signatures in Traditional Herbal Medicine
  • Mankind’s Long Association with Herbs
  • Planetary Association Influences on Herbs
  • Herbal Medicine: Mankind’s rightful heritage
  • Disease: What is it?
  • Nutritional Discussion
  • Positive Weight Loss (Sequential Eating)

Division Two:

  • Herbal Materia Medica
  • The Medicinal Categories of Herbs
  • Gathering, Storing and Preservation of Herb Integrity
  • Preparation Categories
  • The Stomach, Intestines and Bowel
  • Let your Foods Be Your Medicine

Division Three:

  • New Zealand Medicinal Herbs
  • Herbals rich in Silica for Skeleton and soft tissues
  • Herbals for the Blood, Circulation, Heart and Arteries
  • Herbals for the Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen and Pancreas
  • Herbals for Lymphatic, Glandular and Immunity Systems

Division Four:

  • Herbals for the Skin
  • Lung, Throat and Respiratory Herbals
  • Herbals for the Urinary System, Bladder and Kidneys
  • Brain and Nervous System Herbals
  • Alterative and Astringent Healing Herbals
  • Herbs to Relax the Mind

Our correspondence courses are delivered in one complete study package to your door, in a textbook format which is yours to keep after you have completed your course. There are no online requirements.

NB. This course is a compulsory prerequisite to the Masters Herbology Degree.

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