Primary Traditional Herbal Certificate

To gain a better understanding of the herbs I have been using for many years in homeobotanical preparations I studied at another college and learned how to use the preparations and how they work, but never understood the individual attributes of each herb.

Instead, or more so, I have discovered a passion for the weeds and herbs familiar to me and yet previously meaningless. From this Course I have gained a deeper respect and love of my local herbs and a better understanding of their efficacy and sensibility of using them. My garden is now planted with herbs for potions I look forward to making and using soon.

Thank you!

Danielle M. (May, 2016)




An amazing journey, common knowledge of healing for all…

I am very passionate about the knowledge of healing in particular encouraging my own family in self-help and more natural healing. Your remedies too are what I have used over many years and as I complete this Course I feel very honoured and privileged as I know I have not only learnt, but indeed will use and apply a lot of the knowledge I have gained. I thank you sincerely,

Naku noa.

Anne T. (December, 2016)



Right from as early as I can remember I have always had a huge interest in the healing energy of nature, it is something that has resonated within me in a very deep level, and if one believes in past lives, then I can honestly say that by doing your Course an ancient inner knowledge is reawakening within me.

So for that, thank you Malcolm for all your knowledge you are sharing with us, and all that you have done in the realm of herbalism, to keep this knowledge alive!

I look forward to stressing my brain on the next module.

Keep shining your light of truth and wisdom.

Kind regards,

Jackie H. (May, 2017)