The Centre

Herbal Education Resource Centre was established 1987( Registration Number 2026) as an educational resource to assist the growing interest in herbalism and natural health. The Centre initially had extensive herbal gardens to train local students and those interested in the growing of herbal remedies, however the growing interest in further educational opportunities saw the development of affordable Certified correspondence courses in Natural Healthcare, Nutritional Healthcare and Traditional Herbalism Courses.

Today, the educational centre offers a wide range of correspondence courses, ranging from entry level for beginners students, right through to a Masters Degree in Traditional Herbalism.

These courses comply with the World Indigenous Commission’s standard on education, which covers students on an international level, not just as a New Zealand Certification.


The NZ Traditional Herbalism study Courses are unlike others that have gone before, not only because many of the formulations are tutor Malcolm Harker’s original creations, but also because of archaic information not found in other Courses of herbal instruction available in New Zealand today.

The Courses do not consist solely of folklore, nor are they just a repeat of what has been taught elsewhere. The Courses include the latest data and research on herbal properties along with Malcolm’s own observations from over thirty years of herbal research, formulating, manufacturing and administering herbal products.